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Are you getting married in 2024 or beyond? Are you looking to have a unique, alternative wedding that is dripping in style? Here’s a sneak peek at some amazing wedding cake styles that are new and upcoming and will create a wedding cake that noone will have seen before! I’m so excited about these!! First up, Textures […]

FILED IN: Wedding Cakes

6 things your cake maker, and you, will want to know Are you starting to look at venues and narrowing down your favourites? Have you already booked your dream location and going for a second, third, fourth viewing? Here’s some things you might want to ask about when it comes to planning how your wedding […]

This may seem like I am just playing about with semantics? But there is a subtle yet important difference between someone who just makes cakes and someone who designs (and makes) cakes. A cake designer obviously makes cakes, but they are not JUST a cake maker. I describe myself as a cake artist, I create […]

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