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I started baking with my Mum when I was very young. My earliest memory was in primary school - a friend was round after school and mum suggested we bake a cake each. I can't remember how or why, but we decided that the cake should be a clock. This was something that was embedded to me from a young age - a cake was something to have fun with. A cake is not just a food item that's passed around with coffee (or vimto for us kiddies). A cake should be a feature piece. Cake is fun, cake is a way to express love and creativity, cake strengthens relationships. As I grew older, and more adept at holding a spatula, it became tradition that my mum and I would make the birthday cakes for my brothers, dad and  friends of family. I like to think I helped, but I largely just finished off the buttercream!

Sadly, my mum passed in my late teens, but I continued the tradition of making birthday cakes for my loved ones (here's the one I made for my dad's 50th in my Uni flat, over 10 years ago!). Mum taught me the basic skills I needed, she taught me to have fun and get creative with cake design, but most of all what she instilled in me was crafting cakes as an expression of love.

I'm Ruth Moore - founder of Mooreish Cakes, a mathematician and animal lover.

It is with these values in mind that I started Mooreish Cakes. I love having fun with my clients as we discuss their theme, potential design and how far we can push the laws of cake physics. Then, when the cake is complete, I get to see the look on my client's face, the moment they first see their vision brought into edible reality; a cake as unique and special as they are.

I can't wait to get to know you and create the perfect centrepiece for your event.
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When I started Mooreish Cakes, it was very important to me that I was mindful of my impact on the planet. It is vital that, where I can, I use products and processes that minimise waste, are locally sourced and support sustainability. I will continue to seek new ways to improve this, but for now I have implemented the following into my business:

I use the top brand fondant - Massa Tacino, which as well as it's flawless finish, uses sustainable palm oil. Wherever possible, I buy as many of my ingredients from local sources, such as fruit and veg from local markets and British grown sugar.

In addition to the cakes and filling themselves, I make many of the other elements from scratch, such as modelling chocolate, vanilla essence, fruit coulis, curds and many others. This massively reduces the amount of packaging I use. For example, my vanilla essence is made from ingredients that have glass packaging and is stored in a glass bottle - so no throwing those small plastic bottles in the bin (which by the way - only make about 5-7 cakes, so that would be a lot of waste in this business!)
I also use tin foil made from recycled materials and compostable cling film - which goes straight into my home compost bin!
My cake boards and boxes are biodegradeable, as well as the logo stickers and thank you cards I include in every order.

I also ensure that, if I can, any new tools, bowls and equipment I need to invest in, are plastic free.

My storage is all glass or reusable storage bags. I have a metal piping pen which is reusable and biodegradable piping bags for larger quanities. I am always on the look out for greener alternatives to things that cannot be avoided.

I hope one day to create a cake that has generated zero waste and am constantly working towards that goal.

I also have a hybrid car for deliveries (saving up for an electric!)

Making sustainable cakes