How do I order from you?

Please get in contact here to discuss your requirements. Include as much information as you can on what you want and I shall get back to you quickly to discuss your specific cake and provide you with a quote.
Alternatively, you can book a short 15 minute call with me here to discuss your needs.

When do I need to order by?

The sooner, the better to ensure I have availability. I generally ask for at least 4 weeks notice (3 months for wedding cakes), but may be able to create something on shorter notice. This would depend largely on its complexity, so feel free to get in touch and if I can, I shall fit you in!

How big does my cake need to be?

Generally a cake serving is considered to be a 2" x 1" slice. For wedding cakes, a standard serving is 1"x1". This means a tall 8" round cake would serve about 24 people depending on how it is cut and how hungry they are. Once I know your event's numbers I can advise you on the best size.

Help! I have no idea what I want!

I am more than happy to discuss the occasion and recipient and come up with a design to suit your event or their personal tastes. Many of my customers have given me one word or a vague theme and I have not yet failed to disappoint with the design I have created to match it.
You may want to check out the gallery for some inspiration from past cakes.
Or get in touch to discuss the endless possibilities!


Can I send you a picture of a cake I like?

Anything you can send me to make it clearer what you would like is welcome. I can take inspiration from any number of things for your own personal design. Please note I cannot copy another artist's design like for like and I also cannot create cakes that involve copyrighted characters, logos or images without the express permission from the owner.

I have an allergy, can I order from you?

Whilst I can use a recipe that omits a particular allergen, Mooreish Cakes is based in my home kitchen where the presence of allergens cannot be eliminated and so there is a risk of cross-contamination. If your allergy is severe I would recommend using a specialist cakery.

How much will my cake cost?

You can find the starting price for cakes here, with the price increasing from there depending on how labour intensive the chosen design is. From designing, baking from scratch, to the intricate details - cakes take time and skill and this will be reflected in the cost. Get in contact to discuss pricing for a specific cake you have in mind.

How do I pay?

I take BACS payment. A non-refundable booking fee will be taken to secure your booking and then the rest of the balance must be paid prior to delivery. This will all be detailed clearly in your Order Confirmation email.

How long will my cake last?

Assuming it is not devoured immediately, I recommend eating a cake within 3 days for optimum freshness. A cut cake should be kept in an airtight container at room temperature to prolong the quality. Unless specified, it is not recommended to keep a cake in the fridge.